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Air Conditioning Divisions

Utilizing the extensive air conditioning technology cultivated since developing Japan's first air conditioner in 1951, Daikin continues to provide air conditioners, systems, and solution services offering even greater comfort to the various life scenes of our global customers. Beginning, unsurprisingly, with the familiar living spaces of the home as well as those found in offices and neighborhood shops, we extend air comfort to large installations at factories, dome stadiums, and airports and even reach those specialized interior spaces of hospitals and restaurant kitchens. In each case, Daikin answers a wide array of customer needs with products and technology that address specific issues in all types of climates around the world.

Drawn to making "contributions to the global environment made possible only by Daikin," we continue to be actively involved in confronting global environmental problems as part of our corporate responsibility in being a leading global manufacturer of air conditioning equipment.
For example, heat pumps and inverters are receiving attention as technologies that can play an active role in achieving a low-carbon society. Air conditioners and heating equipment incorporating these technologies are recognized internationally as equipment that lessens environmental impact, and we are committed to promoting their development and widespread use as environmentally conscious products.

Each global region has its own particular air conditioning needs. To provide the best air conditioning solution available requires knowledge of the people, their lifestyles, and their climate from a sales perspective reflective of these needs in product design and development, manufacturing, installation, and after-sales service.

Realizing the importance of close proximity to global markets, Daikin made local production the cornerstone of its product development, manufacturing, and sales approach. Along with its factories in Japan, Daikin established a production base in Belgium in 1972 followed by factories in Thailand in 1990, China in 1995, and the Czech Republic in 2003 for a global manufacturing system that supplies quality products that meet the specific needs of each region worldwide.
Maintaining its approach for local production, Daikin made strategic acquisitions in North America of two major US manufacturers, OYL Group including McQuay , in 2007, and Goodman Global in 2012 in its quest to provide air comfort to every corner of the world.

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