Answering all global air conditioning needs with a wide range selection

We are aiming to become the global No. 1 air conditioning company by meeting all of the world's air conditioning needs with a wide product lineup. In 2006, we acquired O.Y.L. Industries BHD, a company with strengths in large-sized air conditioners and a network that is particularly well established in North America and Asia. In 2008, we formed a tie-up with Gree Electric Appliances, the global leader in production amount and parts procurement. The Daikin Group has always been adept at providing advanced features and high value for air conditioners in the mid- to large-sized range, but with the purchase of O.Y.L and the tie-up with Gree Electric, Daikin broadly enhanced its previous product lineup to achieve a range from low-cost room air conditioners with simple features to intricate, large-sized air conditioners that cover vast interior areas. This has enabled Daikin to establish a structure to meet all the world's air conditioning needs.


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