Heat Pump Technology

Recently the term “heat pump” can often be heard in relation to global environmental issues, but the technology is actually being used around us in many ways because of the high energy efficiency that it provides. A heat pump, as its name implies, is a pump that draws heat from the air and converts the heat collected from nature to energy.

For example, in an electric stove only one unit of thermal energy can be generated for one unit of electrical power, but if a heat pump is used three to six units of thermal energy can be generated from that same one unit.

By applying this technology to air conditioners, it is possible to have highly efficient operation with lower energy requirements. This heat pump technology has become a key to reducing CO2 emissions.

Contribution by heat pump technology to the heating and hot water supply business

In the cold regions of the world such as Europe, the central and northern parts of the United States, and Canada, heaters and hot water heaters are needed for a longer period during the year than air conditioners are needed. Furthermore, most of these countries widely use the combustion of fossil fuels such as coal and oil to provide electrical power for heating and hot water supply. However, recently with the increase in environmental awareness for heating products employing heat pumps, these products are receiving attention for their high energy efficiency.

A hot water heating system using a heat pump was locally developed in Europe to meet the requirements of regional climates and conditions. Because it produces fewer CO2 emissions and demonstrates ample heating performance even in cold regions, it has become one product that is highly regarded in each region of Europe.

To promote the use of this product, we established a sales subsidiary in Sweden where awareness for preservation of the environment is especially high, even according to European standards. We also acquired the German manufacturer Rotex Heating Systems, a company that combines a strong sales network for heating equipment with heating system expertise. By enhancing our lineup of high energy-efficient heating products, we are working to expand our heating business in Europe. Moreover, we intend to contribute worldwide to the prevention of global warming by applying and developing the know-how and engineering ability cultivated in Europe to every city around the globe.

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