PDS Production System: Providing customers with the necessary products on a timely basis

PDS (Daikin's unique production system) makes maximum use of IT systems and tracks sales trends for products by collecting information relating to daily weather forecasts, temperatures, and amounts of humidity. The system streamlines operations to keep waste to a minimum by flexibly changing production plans at factories such as the order of priority of products needing to be produced, the parts in inventory, and the shift of production line workers according to demand indicated by a variety of real-time data.

The system controls factory costs and enables us to provide timely delivery of products to customers in what could be called the just-in-time system of the air conditioning industry.

With the introduction of this production system, it is now possible to respond in daily production units, and this capability has enabled the establishment of a highly reliable system that can stably supply products in the summer when air conditioning demand increases.

This excellent system uniquely developed by Daikin continues to evolve even now.

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