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Refrigeration Division

Our technology performs a vital role in the distribution of food products. For shipments of perishable food products from worldwide production regions to other regions for consumption, there is a demand for marine containers to finely control temperatures in order to maintain product freshness. By utilizing our 40 years of know-how cultivated at work sites of international transportation centers, we are able to meet a wide range of temperature requirements from -30℃ to 30℃. The addition of a deep freezing feature to containers has enabled worldwide procurement of perishable foods.

Daikin technology is fully utilized for the unique environments needed for the air conditioning used by the sailors transporting various commodities worldwide and in the refrigeration equipment used to protect their precious cargo. From the extreme conditions of excessive heat in the tropics around the equator to the bitter cold of the polar regions, our air conditioning and freezing technology fully demonstrates high reliability to achieve a comfortable environment for the crew and stable temperatures for perishable foods.

Being a major manufacturer of specialized air conditioning and freezing equipment, we have also developed various lines of specialty air conditioners that operate from medium-temperature regions (10 to 25 ℃) to low-temperature regions (-30 to 20℃) to create suitable environments ranging from backrooms of supermarkets to storage warehouses of production areas. Having established a rich lineup of models, we can meet the diverse and detailed needs of our clients with solutions that correspond to installation conditions and air conditioning scale.

We also led the industry in development of Conveni-Pack, a packaged solution for convenience stores that combines the functions of air conditioning, refrigeration, and freezing into one outdoor unit. This product achieved a reduction in energy consumption by approximately 50% over conventional models and a reduction in space needed for installation by approximately 60%. And because of the ever rapidly increasing number of convenience stores, this energy-saving product also contributes to the global environment by restraining CO2 emissions. Daikin will continue leading the industry into the future by applying our air conditioning and freezing technology throughout the global cold chain system from production regions to household consumers.

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