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From being the first in Japan to take on fluorochemicals in 1933, Daikin has continued its role as a pioneer in bringing over 1,800 types of fluorine compounds such as fluoropolymers, fluoroelastomers, and fluorocarbons to the world using our own unique technology.

Fluorine reacts vigorously with any element. But once combined with another element, it becomes chemically stable and demonstrates outstanding properties such as heat resistance, chemical resistance, water and oil repellency, and lubricity.
Fluorine compounds with those properties are applied broadly with application ranging from household appliances such as irons and fry pans to heat resistant hoses in automobiles, exterior coatings of buildings, and air conditioning refrigerants.

Even in environmental fields, fluorine compounds play a leading role in a wide range of applications. For example, fluorine compounds have produced a heat shielding paint for factories and buildings that is significant from the perspective of prevention of global warming because it saves energy. The paint applied to a roof reflects sunlight to lessen the rise in daytime temperatures inside buildings. It is as if a customer applied air conditioning paint. Also, the use of fluorine compounds offers superior weather resistance for long lasting use.
With automobiles being an essential part of our daily lives, environmental measures have become even more necessary. Fluoropolymers and fluoroelastomers, which are heat resistant and long lasting, are used in engines and fuel systems to prevent fuel leakage, a cause of air pollution. At Daikin, we are developing materials for use in new environmental technology being sought from cars of the future such as biofuels and fuel cells.

To proceed further in development of applications and materials corresponding to the needs of the age, we actively engage in alliances and tie-ups with other companies, collaborations with universities, and development of new materials by combining other materials as we continue to lead in the next generation of fluorochemicals.

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