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Defense Systems Business

In the Defense Systems Division, our precision machining technology ensures the highest standard for precision, performance, functionality, and quality in the manufacture of defense related products, including ammunition, warheads, fuses, aircraft parts, as well as in the manufacture of medical equipment, such as home oxygen cylinders.

Fire Extinguisher for Aircraft Engines

With cutting-edge technology constantly being sought for defense related products, we meet this demand by utilizing our proprietary technology and expertise.
One example of this technology is applied to aviation. Daikin manufactures a fire extinguisher that installs near the engine in case of fire. Should a fire break out from the engine, this device forcefully discharges the extinguishing agent to smother the fire, and thus plays a vital role in preserving aircraft safety.

Left: Oxygen Conserving Devices
Right: Oxygen concentrator

In home oxygen therapy equipment, Daikin supports the social activities and lifestyles of patients with chronic respiratory conditions through the manufacture and sale of oxygen conserving devices, and oxygen concentrators.
Our high quality control engineering is also actively applied in the manufacture of medical equipment, and we continue to advance forward to new territories in pursuit of an array of new possibilities.

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