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Electronics Business

We support structural reforms at companies with unique IT solutions that enable companies to compete globally in the harsh competition of the borderless economy. Our solutions are focused on three fields: product development, image content, and construction facility designs. Our products meet customer demands for enhancing the product development process to improve quality, costs, and delivery. Efficiency is also improved in the creative environment for image content that anticipates changing times and in the work involved with designing construction facility.

Likewise, our system construction knowledge is used in areas to ensure the observance of society’s laws and standards in the performance of management and business activities at companies. For example, our expertise enables companies to overcome the risks associated with compliance and system security by providing IT governance solution that prohibits the connection of portable computers to internal company LAN and the use of unlicensed software and high-risk software that can be the source of information leaks.

Since the establishment of the Electronics Division in 1982, we have accumulated an enormous wealth of system construction know-how by providing professional support for IT solutions and business improvement in the fields mentioned above and are well versed in the business operations of our customers. From this, we are able to understand the user's perspective and continue to provide valuable IT solutions.

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