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Oil Hydraulics Business

We have been contributing to worldwide industry development since beginning sales of lubrication equipment to shipbuilders and engine manufacturers for the first time in Japan in 1929.
Beginning with factory processing and construction equipment, such as excavators, and extending to the moveable parts of small-sized vehicles, such as tractors, hydraulic equipment that is used to realize the smooth movement of mechanical parts apply Pascal’s Law with its fundamental theory of "changing small power into large power." Hydraulic equipment controls the force, speed, and direction of various machines smoothly.

By applying energy-saving technology cultivated from our air conditioning business to the oil hydraulic business, we have begun developing and manufacturing oil hydraulic units and pumps that confront specific issues such as needs for high precision, low operation noise, miniaturization, and energy savings. Additionally, we are also tackling development of unique, environmentally conscious products with hybrid hydraulic systems that fuse hydraulic control and inverter motor technologies.

To proceed further in development of applications and materials corresponding to the needs of the age, we actively engage in alliances and tie-ups with other companies, collaborations with universities, and development of new materials by combining other materials as we continue to lead in the next generation of fluorochemicals.

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