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Market Potential

Global demand for air conditioners is rising due to rapid growth in emerging countries and a shift to environmental consciousness in developed countries.
Though taken for granted in developed countries, the need for air conditioners has risen sharply in emerging countries where infrastructure is finally in place. A shift can also be seen in developed countries toward energy-saving, environmentally conscious products.

Emerging Countries

Global Air Conditioning Diffusion Rate

Moreover, while the global diffusion rate of air conditioners is roughly 10%, demand for air conditioners in emerging countries is expected to rise sharply in the future.

Increase in Air Conditioning Demand in Emerging Countries

A rising middle-income group in emerging countries has fueled a double-digit construction boom for buildings and houses. Following living standard improvements and growing consumer demand, expansion of the air conditioning market is expected to further accelerate.

Developed Countries

Air Conditioner is the Appliance Using the Most Energy

Inverter Air Conditioner Shipping Ratio

With less than 37% diffusion rate for inverter type air conditioners in developed countries excluding Japan, demand for energy-saving products is expected to continue to grow.

Shift to Energy-Saving Air Conditioners in Developed Countries

Environmental awareness continues to grow in developed countries, causing sales of energy-saving models to rapidly expand. Most notable is the growth seen in inverter type air conditioners, which lower energy consumption 30%, and heat pump heaters, which reduce CO2 emissions by 60% compared to fossil burning heaters using oil or gas.

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