Acknowledgment of the exhibition

Thank you very much for your interest and taking your valuable time visiting our Daikin booth at the "22nd FINETECH Japan".
We are delighted to say that the exhibition ended highly succesfully.

We appreciate your visits to our Daikin booth at the "22nd FINETECH Japan" which took place at Tokyo Big Sight during April 11〜13.

For anyone who were unable to pay visit on the occasion, as well as the visitors who would like to view our exhibits more slowly, we will be updating the motion-picture introduction, and our display, which we exhibited at the booth, so please stay tuned!

[22nd FINETECH JAPAN Brief overview]
Dates : April 11(Wed) - 13(Fri), 2012
Time : 10:00-18:00 (-17:00 on Apr. 13)
Venue :     Tokyo Big Sight, Japan
U R L :

[The exhibition products]
Ο Fluorine Surface Antifouling Coating : OPTOOL DSX (Modified) [Demonstration display]
Panel data(PDF)Download(228KB)
Super-thin coating feature enables to effectively resist fouling such as finger prints on the surface of the display and touch panel. Moreover newly this time, we present the advanced development product which "improves the slipperiness property" on the surface treatment.

Ο Fluorine Surface Antifouling additives : OPTOOL DAC-HP
Panel data(PDF)Download(183KB)
By just adding to the UV cured coating Acrylic Hard Coating, it provides excellent fingerprint marking prevention capability when applied to the resin surface.

Ο Repellent liquid for inkjet process : OPTOACE [Demonstration display]
Panel data(PDF)Download(145KB)
By adding to the resist agent, at some 10 micron level, it enables to form pattern for the lyophilic part and liquid repellent part. It dramatically improves the process accuracy of the fine IT products.

Ο Conformal coating (New technology under development) [Demonstration display]
Panel data(PDF)Download(189KB)
With a thin film (under 1 micron), it shows excellent water and damp proofing performance.
Safety and environmentally conscious, we ensure and can rely on the safety when using this product.

Ο Fluorine additives : DAIFREE
Panel data(PDF)Download(136KB)
By mixing the product into rubber or resin, it shows excellence in performance such as improving non-sticking property on surface, as well as improving mold-releasing property, and improves kneading process with open roll.

Ο Fluoroplastics film for mold release : NEOFLON ETFE film(New technology under development)
Panel data(PDF)Download(350KB)
This is the film for mold release, when using for molding LED lenses and semiconductor IC packages.
Small anisotropic and uniform elongation enable to make smoother surface lens molding compared to the conventional material.          

Ο Fluoroplastics film for water vapor barrier : NEOFLON PCTFE film
Panel data(PDF)Download(163KB)
It is a transparent film, which has the best moisture barrier property as a mono-layer resin film.

Ο Transparent piezoelectric film  [Demonstration display]
Panel data(PDF)Download(175KB)
Transparent film, which generates electricity when adding pressure. Assumed applications are as follows; Energy harvesting, pressure sensor, and pressure sensitive touch panel.

Ο Fluorine intermediate material including electrical material
Panel data(PDF)Download(145KB)
It is the fluoromonomer which enables to provide functions such as low dielectric, transparency, refractive index. ( For example, monomer for fluoro-polyimide)

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