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Water and Oil Repellent

Water and Oil Repellent

UNIDYNE is a fluoropolymer water and oil repellent.
Not only water but oil is also repelled when UNIDYNE is used in processing.

Click here to learn about the differences between UNIDYNE and conventional water repellents
(silicon type water repellants)

Water and Oil Repellent for Textiles

UNIDYNE-treated textiles have significantly better hand-feel than conventional fluoropolymer water and oil repellents.
This was achieved by fluoro-silicone hybrid technology, developed jointly with the Dow Corning Corporation, thus changing forever the image of fluorochemicals as causing stiff hand on textiles.

Water and oil repellent for the nonwoven substrates

Product grades are available for specific end uses.
Nonwoven substrates require a higher level of water and oil repellency. As such, UNIDYNE grades have been developed that are specifically suite for PP (polypropylene), Wood-pulp/PET. These grades excel especially in moisture resistance (resists the penetration of water), and in alcohol repellency.

Water and oil repellent for carpets

Product development continues for applications relating to the treatment of carpet.
In carpet applications, reduction of plant water usage and adhesion efficiency are important factors. Unidyne has developed grades that allow for improvements in both areas. UNIDYNE has always been at the forefront in offering advanced application methods. Examples in the UNIDYNE Multi-Series include the excellent use of stain blockers and the elimination of the need for foaming agents in foam application lines.

Water and oil repellent for paper

UNIDYNE products for the paper industry are designed to resist oil and grease penetration through paper and paperboard substrates used in a broad array of food-contact applications, such as fast food sandwich wraps and pizza boxes. By treating with fluorochemicals, such substrates do not have to be given a laminated layer to resist oil and grease.

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