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SR(Stain Release) Agent

The SR (Stain Release) Agent incorporates a "hydrophilic group" that draws water within the product's components and provides stain release treatment to product fibers that allows even embedded stains to be easily washed out.

Mechanisms of stain release (SR)

SR (Stain Release) Agent

SR (strain release) provides fabrics with a special quality that enables stains that have been ground in to clothing (such as oil, dirt, and others) to be easily washed out. This same feature also displays a quality to resist oily substances from attaching to surface areas. The UNIDYNE Multi-Series demonstrates stain release properties using a new polymer design that effectively treats fibrous materials, in particular cotton.

Moisture Absorption SR(Stain Release)Agent

SR (Stain Release) has a quality that enables it to absorb moisture in addition to oil repellency. From its ability for absorbing moisture that covers the commonplace of conventional fluorocarbon water and oil repellency, it is particularly suited for treating fiber products that directly contact the skin.

Water and Oil Repellent/SR(Stain Release)Agent

Water repellency has further been improved for the above-mentioned SR agent. It gives upfront protection surfaces with its water and oil repellency and provides a highly advanced anti-fouling function from its SR feature allows easy cleaning of stains that have become attached.

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