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What is UNIDYNE™?

UNIDYNE is a fluorinated water and oil repellent produced by Daikin Industries. UNIDYNE imparts excellent water and oil repellency as well as stain release during laundering, all while maintaining the original qualities of the treated substrate.

Daikin began selling UNIDYNE in 1968, celebrating, in 2008, 40 years of commercialization. Since its inception, UNIDYNE has been used throughout the world, most notably in the U.S., China, Taiwan, Korea, Europe and Japan. This is thanks to its superior performance and wide range of product grades.

Treated carpet

Treated nonwovens

Daikin carefully listens to the requests of its customers, and then works to convert those ideas into products through multiple polymer design steps. Daikin prides itself on its timeliness and willingness to bring new products to market that respond to the specific needs of our valued customers.

The difference between UNIDYNETM and other common water-repellents (silicone repellents)

Thanks to the unique properties of fluorine, UNIDYNE repels oil as well as water. Silicones, by contrast, are only effective at repelling water. The broader functionality of Unidyne allows use on a wider array of end-use applications.

Mechanisms of stain release(SR)

Stain release (SR) agents impart a functionality that enables stains to be more easily washed out of clothing when home-laundered. This is achieved through a combination of fluorine and hydrophilic functional groups.

Stain release (SR) agents are categorized into three groups based on specific function.

Stain Release (SR) Agent

This agent imparts easy removal of stains during laundering. It contains fluorine and a hydrophilic (attracts water) group. The fluorine repels oil and the hydrophilic group enables stain removal in an aqueous environment.

Wickable Stain Relase agent

In addition to release of stains in the wash, this agent makes garments more comfortable by imparting them with moisture management, which allows perspiration to move from the inside to the outside of the garment, causing a natural cooling effect.

Water and Oil Repellent Stain Release Agent (“Dual-Action”)

This ‘combination’ product provides both stain release and water and oil repellency performance. It has a higher level of water repellency than the standard SR agent, but still allows for easy removal of stains.

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