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What is the UNIDYNE Multi-Series™?


Daikin has developed and commercialized a new product line, “UNIDYNE Multi-Series.” The following concepts are incorporated in the prefix “Multi”:

Balance between eco-consciousness and performance
Diverse functionality Broad applicability

In recent years, it has become increasingly important to work to resolve environmental issues as a fundamental part of a company’s business activities. Often you have to sacrifice functional performance to make an improvement in environmental performance. However, Daikin Industries has succeeded in resolving this dilemma by combining various technology platforms developed over the years. An excellent example of this is our water and oil repellent for textiles, which was developed by creating a hybrid between fluorine and silicone. This technology was jointly developed with the Dow Corning Corporation, and is just the first of many new and exciting products to come.

The most significant environmental improvement in the UNIDYNE Multi-Series is that it is PFOA-free*. And what’s more exciting is that this was achieved without having to sacrifice functional performance. We expect that this will lead to establishment of new markets and applications.

Balance between eco-consciousness and performance (molecular arrangement control technology)

For fluorine to properly function—to impart water and oil repellency—it must orient itself, in a regular patter, on the surface of the substrate. This critical process was disrupted in early versions of our PFOA-free* technology. We overcame this hurdle, though, in the UNIDYNE Multi-Series by using Daikin’s molecular arrangement control technology to maintain the orientation despite the significant technical challenge.

Diverse Functionality: Polymer Design Technology

Capitalizing on our advanced polymer design technology, Daikin developed a water and oil repellent that utilizes the advantages of fluorine and silicone, as well as a hydrophilic SR agent.

Broad Applicability: Examining formulations to meet the needs for different applications

Daikin is constantly reviewing its various product formulations for their applicability to all manner of treatable substrates, such as textiles, carpets, and nonwovens.

Future Developments of the UNIDYNE Multi-Series™

Daikin continues to push forward with research and development of its UNIDYNE Multi-Series in order to attain the highest possible performance for a broad array of applications, some for very specific niches.
At the same time, Daikin intends to maintain its position as the leading producer of fluorinated water and oil repellents by developing newer and better products that anticipate the future needs of its customers.
Moreover, Daikin is well-positioned to promptly respond to customers’ requests via its network of R&D bases around the world.

* Definition of PFOA-free: Content of PFOA is less than limit of detection (5ppb).

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