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How do they differ from previous products?

They have even better performance than similar type products previously offered and have a water and oil repellent that takes environmental issues (PFOA free*) into consideration. Also, the lineup has been enhanced from the past with a wider range of applications.

How do they differ from competing products?

Using advanced technology that leads the world such as Daikin's unique polymer design technology, Molecular Arrangement Control Technology, and technology developed in joint cooperation with Dow Corning (silicon hybrid), we offer an outstanding lineup for all applications that are environmentally conscious.

What is silicon hybrid?

There had been a problem with texture hardening when textile (fibrous) surfaces were treated with fluoropolymer water and oil repellent. To solve this problem, Daikin Industries and Dow Corning joined in collaboration to successfully develop a product compound that offered functionality not previous offered by various simple substances and made use of the various merits of the simple substances of fluorine and silicon. From this, the relevant merits of fluorocarbons (water and oil repellency) and silicon (suppleness) were combined and are offered in our products.

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Please refer to the following for inquiries concerning UNIDYNE.

Form for inquires to the Chemicals Division at Daikin Industries, Ltd.

* PFOA-free is defined as below detectable levels.

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