Fluoro Coatings

What is POLYFLON™ PTFE Tough Coat Enamel?

POLYFLON PTFE Tough Coat Enamel gives substrates remarkable properties of fluoropolymer with one layer only. This contains fluoropolymer and heat-resistance polymer. Daikin Industries, Ltd. lineups of coatings below the following grades in accordance with various substrates and market demands.

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Grades and Features of One Coat Type

  Grades Solvent Processing Temperature Color/Remarks Technical data sheet
For Slides (PTFE) TC-7105GN Solvent-based 280℃ Green Technical data sheet
TC-7109BK Black
TC-7113LB Light Brown
TD-7139BD Black/Conductive
TT-7100 Thinner for the TC7100 series Technical data sheet
For Slides and Low Temperature Sintering (PTFE) TC-7400CR Solvent-based 180℃ Cream (Pigment-free ) Technical data sheet
TC-7405GN Green
TC-7408GY Gray
TC-7409BK Black
TD-7439BDN Black/Conductive
TC-7400B Solvent-based Hardener for Low Temperature Sintering (Added to the TC7400 seriese)
TT-7400 Thinner for the TC7400 series Technical data sheet
For Demolding (PFA) TC-7609M1 Solvent-based 380℃ Black Metallic Technical data sheet
For Demolding (PTFE) TC-7805GN Solvent-based 380℃ Green
TC-7808GY Gray
TC-7809BK Black
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