Fluoro Coatings

What is Two Coat Type?

POLYFLON™ PTFE Enamel (PTFE-based)

POLYFLON PTFE Enamel is water-based PTFE coating. THe coating film gives substrates the features of PTFE, such as an excellent non-stickness and heat resistance.

NEOFLON™ Dispersion (FEP-based/PFA-based)

NEOFLON Dispersion is water-based coating containing FEP and PFA. The coating film gives substrate heat resistance and non-stickness. In addition, it shows more excellent smoothness and corrosion resistance than PTFE film.

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Grades and Features of Two Coat Type

  Grades Solvent Processing Temperature Color/Remarks Technical data sheet
PTFE-based E-3705S21R Water-based 380 Green Technical data sheet
EK-3707M21R Gold Metallic
EK-3700C21R Clear
EK-3708S21R Gray
EK-3709M21R Black Metallic
EK-3709S21R Black
EK-3712M21R Gold Metallic
EK-3781M21R Gray Metallic
EK-3783S21R Grayish Brown
EK-3793S21R Chocolate
EK-3798M21R Clear Metallic
PTFE Conductive ED-3239M1R Water-based 380 Black Metallic
ED-3239S1R Black
ED-3293SW1R Chocolate
FEP-based ND-2R Cyclohexanone/Xylene 380 Milky white
ND-4R Water-based 380 Milky white
ND-4GYHR Water-based 380 Gray
PFA Type AD-2CRER Water-based 380 Clear
AW-5000R Water-based 380 Clear/For high build

When you apply two coat type, primer coating is required.
For those looking for primer,

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