Fluoro Coatings

What is primer (Base Coating)?

Fluoropolymer coating doesn’t easily adhere to substrates without primer layer, since fluoropolymer has non-stickness. Daikin has lineups of primer below in accordance with various applications and substrates.

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Grades and Features of Primer

  Grades Color/Remarks Technical data sheet
Water-based ED-1939D21R Black/Conductive Technical data sheet
EK-1908S21R Gray
EK-1909S21R Black
EK-1959S21L Dark Green
EK-1983S21R Grayish Brown
For Excellent Corrosion Resistance (Water-based) EK-1208M1R Silver Metallic
EK-1209BKER Black
EK-1209M10R Black Metallic
EK-1283S1R Grayish Brown
Solvent-based TC-1509M1 Black Metallic Technical data sheet
TC-1559M2 Dark Green Metallic
For Excellent Corrosion Resistance (Solvent-based) TC-11000 Primer for CoatingPowder

*  EK-1700B mentioned in this page comes under the goods to be controlled by the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law of Japan.Please contact us for details.

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