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ZEFFLE™ Infrared Reflective coating Construction (Special Characteristics)

ZEFFLE Infrared Reflective Construction

ZEFFLE Infrared Reflective coating construction is a revolutionary construction method that adds the quality of heat shielding to the durability of fluorocarbons. Just painting on the roofs of factories and warehouses will contribute to energy savings by lowering indoor temperatures and reducing energy costs.

Heat is caused by near infrared radiation, which is composed 50% of sunlight Speciality pigment → Effectively reflects near infrared rays The rise of internal temperature is suppressed

Infrared Reflective Effect

Demonstrates outstanding infrared reflective effect Maximum difference in temperature from 15℃ to 20℃

Infrared Reflective mechanism

It substantially reflects infrared rays using pigments with high reflectance for infrared rays to prevent heat conduction.

The specialty pigments bounce off sunlight and prevent heat cruing.
It uses an ultra weather resistance fluorine resin in the top coat resin to maintain the long-lasting heat shielding effect.
3-layered resilient construction.  ZEFFLE Infrared Reflective Construction is a paint coating (paint film formation) designed to maintain a superb, long-lasting infrared reflective effect.

* Pigment is an additive to give color to paint.

Gymnasium Indoor temperature dropped up to7℃.
Simulation Graph
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Ultra weather resistance and antifouling properties.Excellent weather resistance is found in fluoropolymer base coatings.

Excellent weather resistance is found in fluoropolymer base coatings. Even when exposed to the wind and rain, the paint film maintains its beautiful exterior appearance for many years with no degradation.

Actual Weahtherability: Miyako island, Okinawa prefecture, JP

White coatings(TiO2)
Surface condition(SEM)

Inspection of the Effect

Coating : 1998.10.
inspection : 2006. 6.

8years later : Sampling area  There is no change.
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