Fluoro Coatings
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Fluoro Coatings

Fluoro Coatings gives substrate remarkable properties of fluoropolymer, such as demolding, heat resistance, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, low friction performance, and weather resistance.

Each coating has its own properties. Daikin Industries, Ltd. lineups of coatings below in accordance with various applications and substrates.

Grades and Features of Fluoro Coatings

Demold/Corrosion Resisting Coating

Non Adhesive Corrosion Resistant coating Selection Guide

  Solvent Main Apllications Processing Temperature Features
One Coat Type Solvent-based Automobile Parts
Home Electrics
180`380 The film shows good adhesion and excellent wear resistance.
Two Coat Type Water-based Home ElectricsACooking Utensils 340`380 The film shows quite excellent demolding and corrosion resistance.
Coating Powder \ Corrosion Resistant Lining
Rice Cooker and OA Roll
200`380 High build film can be made. It shows original properties of fluoropolymer, such as non-stickness and corrosion resistance.
Fluoroelastomer Coating Water-based OA Roll 150`350 The film shows elasticity besides excellent corrosion resistance and non-stickness.
Solvent-based Automobile Parts 150`350

Functionl Coatings (Anti-fouling, protection, water repellent, oil repellent and anti-fingerprint marking protection)

  Function Main Apllications Processing Temperature Features
FTONE™GM Water repellent, oil repellent and fouling prevention Stone Material and concrete Normal Temperature It is permeated on the surface of porous base material, and gives water repellentand oil repellent.
(Permeation Type)
OPTOOL™ Fingerprint marking prevention
Water repellent and oil repellent.
Lense, Display Normal Temperature`
It prevents marking of fingerprint.
UNIDYNE™ Water repellent, oil repellent and fouling prevention Fiber, Paper 120`180 It gives water repellent and oil repellent.
DAIFREE™ Barrier Coat
Mold Demolding
Precision Machine Parts Normal Temperature It prevents oil leakage and oil spot of orecision machine parts.
It is used for mold demolding when manufacturing precision machine parts.

Weather Resistant Coatings (Varnish) ZEFFLE™

  Solvent Main Apllications Processing Temperature Features
Weather Resistance Coating (Varnish)
Water-based Architectural Exteriors
Housing Materials
Normal Temperature`
An eco product which maintains weather resistance.
Solvent-based Building Materials
Bridges, Tanks
Normal Temperature`
The tetrafluoride ingredient first ever enabled to maximize weather resistance

ZEFFLE™ Infrared Reflective Construction

  Solvent Main Apllications Processing Temperature Features
ZEFFLE™ Infrared Reflective Coating Water-based
Factories, Storage Houses Tanks, Ships Normal Temperature Guaranteed construction
Durability of fluoride maintains infrared reflective effects.
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