Water & Oil Repellents

UNIDYNE™ (Water and oil repellent)

UNIDYNE imparts excellent water and oil repellency capitalizing on the properties of fluorine and a stain release function that enables easy wash-off of stains.
Because of its fluorochemical-based excellent water and oil repellent properties and wide-ranging product line-up, UNIDYNE is used across diverse array of applications in industries including textiles, carpet, and the automotive and medical industries.

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Product grades and characteristics of UNIDYNE™ (water and oil repellent)

UNIDYNE Multi-Series is PFOA-free* for better environmental performance. It also preserves the natural hand of treated substrates thanks to ifluoro-silicone hybrid technology.

* Definition of PFOA-free: Content of PFOA is less than limit of detection (5ppb).

Multi Series Form Ionicity Features
TG-5601* Water-based emulsion weak cation Gives both extreme soft hand-feel and high wash durability via silicon hybrid technology.
TG-5541* Water-based emulsion weak cation Gives soft hand-feel and extreme high water repellency via silicon hybrid technology.
TG-5543* Water-based emulsion weak cation Gives extreme high wash durability and high soft hand-feel via silicon hybrid technology.
TG-5502 Water-based emulsion nonion High water bearing pressure and high alcohol resistance. Especially good for polyolefin nonwoven texture.
TG-8111 Water-based emulsion anion Gives high oil and grease resistance to paper products. Suitable for external melt (size press) and coating. Also suitable for internal melt (acquired FDA).

*UNIDYNE TG-5601,TG-5541,TG-5543 is a joint development product between Daikin Industries and Dow Corning Corporation.

What is UNIDYNE™
What is the UNIDYNE Multi-Series™

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Product grades and characteristics of Stain release (SR) agent

Stain release (SR) agents impart to treated substrates easy removal of stains during laundering. Stain release agents are a combination of fluorine, for stain repellency, and hydrophilic groups, which allow for easy stain removal.

SR solvent multi series Form Ionicity Features
TG-9011 Solvent type Weakly cationic Excellent stain release on cotton.
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