Fluoropolymer Film
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In addition to the PCTFE Film features, moisture resistance, transparency, chemical resistance and electrical insulation characteristics, PCTFE is especially superior in moisture resistance and is utilized as moisture resistance packing film for medical tablets which is easy to be metamorphosed by display illumination and humidity. Also, it is expected to use for general insulation purposes and printed circuit boards. Surface processing of film is also capable.

Grades and Featurs of PCTFE Film


Grades Vapor Permeability Thickness Size & Weight per Roll Technical data sheet
(g/m2・d) (μm) (mils) Width (mm) Length (m) Weight (kg)
DF-0015C1 0.48 15 0.6 1000 2000 63.9 Technical data sheet
DF-0025C1 0.23 23 1 1000 2000 97.9
DF-0050C1 0.11 51 2 1000 1000 106.5
DF-0075C1 0.09 75 3 1000 500 79.8
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