Fluoropolymer Film
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Fluoropolymer Film

Fluoroplymer Film is a state-of-the-art base-material with various excellent characteristics, such as commencing with non-stick, chemical resistance, optical transparency, weather resistance, fouling resistance, heat resistance, moisture resistance, non-flammable, electrical characteristics, etc. Its unique capabilities, not found in other resins are utilized in increasingly diversified and sophisticated industries such as electronic, machine, automobile and semiconductor.

Types and Features of Fluoropolymer Film

Type Applications Features
PFA Film
Chemical container liner for semiconductor process With superior chemical resistance
Maintain robustness and flexibility over a wide temperature range
FEP Film
Mold release film Electret film for microphone Superior in heat resistance, chemical resistance, non-stick and electrical performance
Mold release film Film for Solar-Cells It is suitable as a membrane material for construction given its small specific gravity (approx. 1.75).
Hard and robust.
Display illumination film Pharmaceutical packing It is superior in moisture resistance, transparency and chemical resistance. It is superior in mechanical strength at low temperature
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