DAIKIN's fluorinated intermediates and Fluorination Technology

Daikin produces and offers wide ranged intermediates through an integrated production system that starts with hydrofluoric acid. In addition to offering products on the market, Daikin accommodates custom synthesis in response to emerging needs.

Characteristics of fluorinated intermediates

What's fluorinated compound

The application fields of fluorinated compounds, especially fluorinated intermediates have been expanding rapidly. The intermediates of DAIKIN will work with you to provide various kinds of fluorinated intermediates on a large scale and /or on custom-synthesis basis.

Basic Feature of Fluorinated Compound

Custom Synthesis

Our technology

  • Direct Fluorination (F2)
    Elemental fluorine, a highly reactive and corrosive gas, requires special technology to handle and control its reactions. F2 can be as an industrial agent for relatively simple compounds that have a clearly identified reactive site.
  • Fluorination Using IF5/Et3N-3HF Complex
    Daikin is unique in offering iodine pentafluoride, which has rarely been used in fluorination reactions due to its difficulty in controlling reactivity. Daikin has commercialized this unique technology and is now able to offer this low cost, highly selective process to manufacture a variety of organic compounds. Perhaps the most interesting feature is the fact that the fluorination reaction of organic compounds occurs at both nucleophilic and electrophilic sites.
  • Fluorination Using Sulfer Tetrafluoride (SF4)
    Daikin is committed to manufacturing compounds using Sulfur tetrafluoride. SF4 can efficiently fluorinate carbonyl- and carboxyl- groups.
  • Fluorinated Building Blocks
    A wide range of building blocks can be derived from Daikin’s raw materials (tetrafluoroethylene, hexafluoropropene, hexafluoroacetone, tetrafluorooxetane and perfluoroalkyliodides).

Chemical analysis

chemical analysis of fluorinated materials using FT-NMR(H,F,C), FT-IR, GC-MS, HPLC, atomic absorption and electromicroscope.

Reactor List

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