Mold Releasing Agent
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Mold Releasing Agent DAIFREE™ Solvent-based type

This type demonstrates outstanding releasability and fast-drying properties, and is suited for molding a wide variety of plastic products. (Please keep it away from fire and ventilated enough.j

Grades and chacteristics of Solvent-based type

Solvent-based type

Grades Main Applications Properties Features Technical data sheet
General rubber Rubber(peroxide cured) Thermo setting resins Thermo plastic resins Film uniformity  Anti mold stains Secondary processing continued releasing capability
GF-500       Sustained high mold
Technical data sheet
GF-501     High mold releasability Technical data sheet
GF-550   Non-silicon Technical data sheet
GF-350       Non-silicon Technical data sheet
MS-600 Semi-permanent Technical data sheet
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