Mold Releasing Agent
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Mold Releasing Agent DAIFREE™ Aerosol type

The concentration of this type has been pre-adjusted, so it is ready-to-use as it is. It can be sprayed on easily, even in cases where complex mold structures make application difficult.
It is fast-drying property and suited for molding of a wide variety of rubber and plastic products.

Grades and chacteristics of aerosol type

Aerosol type

Grades Main Applications Properties Features Technical data sheet
General rubber Rubber(peroxide cured) Thermo setting resins Thermo resins Film uniformity  Anti mold stains Secondary processing continued releasing capability
GA-3000 Semi-permanent
High mold releasability
Hexane free
GA-7500   High mold releasability Technical data sheet
GA-7550 Non-silicon Technical data sheet
GA-7550B Halogen free
Hexane free
For semiconductor
Technical data sheet
GA-7550C Non-silicon
Hexane free
High mold releasability

* Daikin makes no warranty , express or implied for this product including any implied warranty of merchantability , or fitness for a particular use or purpose.

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