Fluorinated Oil
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What is fluorinated oil?

Fluorinated oil is non conbustible and superior in heat and chemical resistance. Daikin offers both DEMNUM and DAIFLOIL .

What is fluorinated oil DEMNUM™?

DEMNUM is a perfluoropolyether oil ipatent application pending in 12 countries j, the first in the world with a liner-chain construction, which was developed by Daikin exclusive technology. It features extremely high thermal and chemical stability as well as inactivity, and is particularly appropriate for applications in which a lubrication oil with a high degree of cleanliness and durability is required isuch as, the vacuum pump activation oil for semiconductor etchingsj.

  • Non-combustible and extremely stable in oxygen.
  • Chemically inert and highly resistant to chemicals.
  • Exhibits excellent lubricity over a wide temperature range, including both high and low temperatures.
  • Low vapor pressure produces a high vacuum with minimum oil vapor loss.

Grades and features of fluorinated oil DEMNUM™

Grades Average molecular weight Kinematic viscosity 20℃ (cSt) Vapor loss
(After 3h mass%)
Technical data sheet
S-20 2700 53}10 150Ž
Technical data sheet
S-65 4500 150}15 200Ž
S-200 8400 500}50 300Ž

* Grease product which uses DEMNUM as base oil is also avaiable. Please refer to technical data sheet.

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