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NEOFLON PCTFE has the best performance of gas barrier properties, especially for low permeation capability to moisture and steam atmosphere compared with other plastics.
The heat resistance and chemical resistance capabilities are lesser than PFA and FEP, however, mechanical characteristics (especially hardness) are superior.

Grades and Features of PCTFE


Grades Flow Value*
M-300P Approximately
2 x 10-3
D75 - D85 Pellet form.
Suitable for compression molding and extrusion molding.
M-300PL 0.8 - 1.05 x 10-3 Pellet form.
Especially suitable for extrusion molding.
M-300H Approximately
2 x 10-3
Granular form.
Can be used for compression molding of thick-walled products.
Can reduce mold volume at filling process.
M-400H Approximately
0.6 x 10-3
Granular form.
High-molecular weight type compared to M300H.
Excellent stress crack resistance.

* Flow Tester:condition 230℃, 980N load, 1 mm Φ nozzle diameter

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