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OPTODYNE UV is a new ultraviolet ray-cured, clear optical bonding agent which uses fluorinated epoxy and fluorinated epoxy acrylate resin as its base. In addition to capability of bonding and fastening, refractive index consistency to form optimal optical linkage is required for the bonding agent used in optical paths such as optical fiber connections.
OPTODYNE UV is a reliable adhesive which provides refractive index consistency and is also durable and easy to use.

Grades and Features of OPTODYNE™ UV


Grades Refractive Index Post Curing
(wave length:589nm)
Glass Transition Temperature Past Curing
UV-1000 1.453 57 Clad for light wave guide.
UV-1100 1.457 145
UV-2100 1.477 129 Connections of optical fibers (quartz)
UV-3000 1.498 100 Connections of optical fiber (quartz), BK-7 glass.
UV-3100 1.493 130
UV-3200 1.514 162

(Caution) OPTODYNE UV-1100, UV-2100, UV-3100 and UV-3200, contain approximately 2% antimony compound. (non-medical poisonous substance)

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