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Fluoroelastomers DAI-EL™

DAI-EL Fluoroelastomers are high-performance synthetic rubber which have outstanding heat resistance, oil resistance, compression set resistance, acid resistance, and solvent resistance.

Main applications are engine shaft sealing for automotive which utilizes good heat resistance and oil resistance as well as o-ring, packing, and hoses. It also utilizes small amount of outgas for semiconductor fields and used on wires and its peripheral parts with using electric insulation. Also recently from the viewpoint of environmental problems, low-gas transparency is being required.


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DAI-EL Color Compound

Grades and features of fluoroelastomer (DAI-EL™)

■ General Grade

selection guide (PDF)

* In order to achieve maximum performance, application specific selection is neccessary. Depending on difference of cure system and polymer structure, its characteristics can be adjusted to some extent. So by making selections applicable to its purpose and processing method, the performance of DAIEL can be exerted considerably. For your reference to select DAI-EL, please see "selection guide."

  Curing System Grades Typical Applications Features
Co-polymer Bisphenol Cure G-700-Series
Oil seal
Crank shaft seal
Valve system seal
Bearing seal
Fuel hose
Turbo charger hose
Good compression set resistance
Good sealing
Peroxide Cure G-800-Series Good steam resistance
Good chemical resistance
Anti-flex fatigue
Ter-polymer Bisphenol Cure G-550-Series
Strong at polar solvent
Good sealing
Peroxide Cure G-900-Series Strong at polar solvent
Good steam resistance
Good chemical resistance
Good acid resistance
Diamine Cure G-200-Series
Strong at polar solvent
Good mechanical properties
LT-Series LT-Series Injector Oring
Excellent low-temperature sealing properties
Excellent mechanical properties and acid resistance
Anti-flex fatigue

■ Specific grade

  Grades Typical Applications Features
Liquid elastomer G-101 Fluoroelastomer process aid It improves processing of fluoroelastomer and reduces its hardness.
Thermoplastic fluoroelastomer DAI-EL™ Thermoplastic T500-Series Semiconductor O-ring At room temperature, it shows elastomer elasticity, and at high temperature over melting point, it shows good flowability like thermo-plastics.
Low extractability (cleanliness)

■ Molded article

  Grades Typical Applications Features
Dupra™ Semiconductor seals Perfluoroelastomer molded article
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