DAI-EL™G-700-Series(Bisphenol Cure System/Co-polymar)

G-700 is a copolymer fluoroelastomer of vinylidenefluoride and hexafluoropropylene, and curing agent ((bisphenol AF) and curing accelerator are incorporated. Of all DAI-EL series, it is the grade with the highest heat resistance and compression set resistance. It is best-suited for O-rings and oil seals which require heat resistance.

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Grades and Features of G-700 series


Grades Fluorine Content (%) Mooney viscosity
(ML1+10 : 100℃)
Features Technical data sheet
G-701 66 55 Good compression set resistance Technical data sheet
G-702 54 Good elongation Technical data sheet
G-704 47 Good extraction processing Technical data sheet
G-716 65 Excellent compression set resistance
Fast cure speed
Good roll pressing
Technical data sheet
G-723F 63 Excellent mold release properties
Recommended grade for JIS 4D
Technical data sheet
G-751 52 Good compression set resistance
Good metal bonding
Technical data sheet
G-755 45 Excellent extrudability Technical data sheet
G-763F 52 Recommended grade for JIS 4D Technical data sheet
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