DAI-EL™ Fluoroelastomers with excellent low temperature sealing properties (Peroxide Cure System)

It is fluoroelastomer that can be cured by peroxide of which cold resistance, which used to be an disadvantages of existing fluoroelastomer.
It excels in mechanical characteristics, flexibility, and acid resistance to DAI-EL G-700 Series.

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Grades and Features of Low temperature FKM


Grades Fluorine Content(%) Mooney viscosity
(ML1+10 : 100℃)
Low-temperature resistance
Features Technical data sheet
LT-252 66.5 40 -25 Excellent solvent resistance Technical data sheet
LT-302* 64.5 65 -31 Excellent low-temperature sealing Technical data sheet
LT-303L 65.0 28 -30 Excellent low temp sealing combined with excellent mold flowablility -
LT-304* 65.0 50 -30 Excellent low-temperature sealing Technical data sheet

* Solvent resistance is equal to G-700 series.

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