DAI-EL™ Thermoplastic (Radiation Cure System)

DAI-EL Thermo plastic is a thermoplastic fluoroelastomer. It is a blocked polymer in which part of the fluoroelastomer and fluoro resin are combined, and as at room temperature physical bridge formation(Para-bridging structure) is conducted in crystalline fluoropolymer phase, it shows rubber elasticity, but at high temperatures beyond fusion point, it shows the same liquidity as thermoplastic.
Therefore, molding and processing have polyphenic characteristics in which processing and molding resemble thermoplastic resin, and ordinary state the characteristics resemble fluoroelastomers, and chemical resistance resembles fluoroplymer, respectively.

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Grades and Features of DAI-EL™ Thermoplastic T-500 Series


Grades Hardness Shore A Melting point(℃) Features Technical data sheet
T-530 62 Approximately 230 Thermoplastic fluoroelastomer
Excellent in transparency and cleanliness
Technical data sheet
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