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CSR and Strategy

CSR Targets and Achievements

In fiscal 2016, we began formulating new key CSR action themes. Here, we look at our fiscal 2015 results based on the targets and plans that we established in line with the key CSR action themes up until fiscal 2015.

We engage in environmental activities with global warming prevention as the most important priority.

Key CSR Themes

Providing the World with Products That Help Customers Reduce CO2 Emissions

  • Disseminating inverter products
  • Disseminating heat-pump type heating systems
  • Offering energy-saving solutions
  • Developing future refrigerants
Boundaries (of impact)

Medium-term CSR Goals and Plans (by Fiscal 2015)

  • Increase use of environmentally conscious products in emerging countries, where growth is particularly remarkable.

Increasing sales of inverter air conditioners and other energy-efficient products could reduce CO2 emissions in emerging countries by 30 million tons-CO2.

  • Create global demand in the power conservation business.
  • Develop technologies and introduce products that comply with refrigerant restrictions.

Contributing to CO2 Emission Reductions through Daikin Products*1

Contributing to CO2 Emission Reductions through Daikin Products

*1 Estimate of CO2 emission reductions from the use of energy-efficient inverter products sold by Daikin, compared to CO2 emissions from the use of non-inverter products. The emission reductions figure is annual reduction amount multiplied by product lifespan.

Fiscal 2015 Achievements

CO2 Emission Reductions in Emerging Countries: Estimated*1 (Through Daikin Products)

29.93 million tons-CO2

Proliferation of HFC-32 Air Conditioners

Sold in 48 Countries

CO2 Emission Reductions Worldwide: Estimated*2 (Through Daikin Products)

34.8 million tons-CO2

*2 Total of CO2 reductions as a result of using inverter products and conversion to HFC-32 refrigerant


Key CSR Themes

Minimizing Environmental Impact in Production

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Effectively using water and other resources
  • Minimize emissions of substances of concern
Boundaries (of impact)

Medium-term CSR Goals and Plans (by Fiscal 2015)

  • By 2015, reduce greenhouse gas emissions to one-third of fiscal 2005 levels.

Reducing Greenhouse Gases

Reducing Greenhouse Gases


Key CSR Themes

Expanding “Green Heart”*3

  • Reforestation and tree-planting
  • Environmental education
Boundaries (of impact)

Medium-term CSR Goals and Plans (by Fiscal 2015)

  • Protect biodiversity around the world.

*3 Green Heart: Think of the Earth and take care of the environment.

Expanding a Green Heart

In all of us, a green heart

We anticipate the needs of communities and the general public, and provide high-quality products that bring customers satisfaction.

Key CSR Themes

Giving Customers Unmatched Satisfaction

  • Safety & Quality: Products are designed from the perspective of the customer to assure safety and quality.
  • Customer Satisfaction: We strive to achieve the ultimate in quality service: speed, accuracy, and good manners.
Boundaries (of impact)

Medium-term CSR Goals and Plans (by Fiscal 2015)

  • Daikin’s quality standard gives superior, optimal products that earn customer trust.
  • We have a system for developing products that meet the needs of customers, wherever they live.

We are switching to a global development system and strengthening our marketing research functions throughout the world.

Employees are the lifeblood of all our activities, and we provide a workplace where each employee can grow in his or her own unique way.

Key CSR Themes

Through People-Centered Management, Creating a Workplace Where Employees Can Demonstrate Their Abilities

  • Human Resource Development: The entire Daikin Group trains human resources to match business growth.
  • Diversity of Employees: We strive to build a diverse workplace where everyone can play an important role by respecting each other regardless of age, sex, nationality, or disabilities.
  • Balancing the Responsibilities of Work and Family: We allow employees to work flexible schedules so that they can have quality time with their families.
  • Occupational Safety & Health: We strive for employee satisfaction by building a safe, comfortable workplace where employees can enjoy both mental and physical well-being.
Boundaries (of impact)

Medium-term CSR Goals and Plans (by Fiscal 2015)

  • Become a corporate group with global values by working autonomously and freely in line with Our Group Philosophy and shared policies and strategies.
  • Communicate between head office and local bases.
  • Maximizing the talents of women and experienced employees.

Wherever we do business, we try to meet society’s needs in a way that only Daikin can.

Key CSR Themes

Employees Taking the Initiative in Local Grassroots Action

  • By working to protect the environment, support education, and live in harmony with communities, Daikin employees take the lead in community service aimed at providing each region with the support it needs.
Boundaries (of impact)

Medium-term CSR Goals and Plans (by Fiscal 2015)

  • Contribute to society as a respected and trusted company with roots in communities around the world.

Fiscal 2015 Achievements


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