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CSR and Strategy

Daikin Group Business Overview

Bringing the World Healthy, Comfortable Lifestyles

The Daikin Group is a global manufacturer with overseas sales accounting for more than 70% of the group total and overseas employees accounting for 80% of the workforce. In our businesses of air conditioning and fluorochemicals, we respond to the needs that arise from the diverse cultures and values of the world’s countries and regions by providing products that make people and space healthier and more comfortable.

Leveraging our strength in energy-efficient technologies, we develop and provide products and services that contribute to reducing CO2 emissions, a cause of climate change. In addition, we contribute to sustainable development by providing our employees around the world with a working environment conducive to maximizing their unique personalities and motivation.

Daikin Group Business Development

Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Equipment

Achieving Both Comfort and Environmental Performance to Meet All Global Air Conditioning Needs

While air conditioners are indispensable to a healthy and comfortable life, they also consume large amounts of energy. Achieving both environmental performance and comfort, we handle all aspects of temperature management through air conditioning, refrigeration, and other equipment, as well as contribute to preventing atmospheric pollution and improving indoor air through, for example, filters.

Residential Air Conditioners

Ururu Sarara

Commercial Air Conditioners

VRV multi air
systems for buildings


Air Filters

Air Purifiers

Streamer discharge
air purifiers

Hot Water and Space Heaters

air-to-water heat
pump systems

Air Conditioning Systems

Air conditioning network service system

Refrigeration Equipment

unit for ocean
freight container


Utilizing the Characteristics of Fluorochemicals and Contributing to a Wide Range of Fields

We have the leading share of the world market for fluorochemical products used in fields such as automotive, IT, and energy. As the only company in the world to manufacture both air conditioners and their refrigerants, we are developing next-generation refrigerants with minimal environmental impact.

Semiconductor Field

Fluoropolymers, etchants

Automotive Field

(for automobiles)

Information and
Telecommunication Field

Fluororesins, coating material
(for tablets)

Energy Field

Materials for lithium-ion rechargeable batteries


Materials for solar cells

Refrigeration and
Air Conditioning Field

Fluorocarbons (refrigerants)

Oil Hydraulics, Defense Systems, and Electronics

Proprietary Technologies at Work in a Range of Industries, IT Solutions

We develop highly energy-efficient hydraulic pumps and units incorporating the inverter and other technologies built up through our air conditioner business. We also develop aerospace parts and home medical equipment that require advanced precision processing technologies and quality control technologies.

Machine Tools

EcoRich R
(oil hydraulics)

Construction Equipment

(oil hydraulics)

In-Home Medical Equipment

Oxygen concentrator
(defense systems)


Improving product development process
“Space Finder” (electronics)


Global Expansion

Global Expansion

Fiscal 2016 Highlights

Fiscal 2016 Highlights


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