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Protecting Biodiversity

Biodiversity Awareness

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Raising Employee Awareness

Employee Volunteers Help Protect Biodiversity

Employee volunteers in a bamboo forest in HarashiroyamaEmployee volunteers in a bamboo forest in Harashiroyama

Daikin Industries, Ltd. supports the volunteer activities of its employees. Working together with “Do!,” the employees’ group for promoting environmental volunteer efforts, the company strives to help employees gain a greater awareness of the value of nature.

In fiscal 2016, a cumulative total of 184 Daikin Industries, Ltd. employees joined activities including rejuvenating a bamboo forest in Harashiroyama, Osaka Prefecture, protecting community forests in Izuhara, Osaka Prefecture, and preserving a forest in Shiretoko, Hokkaido Prefecture.

Daikin also provides environmental volunteer information through media including its website and an in-house environmental newsletter.


Raising Employees’ Environmental Awareness

“Forests for the Air” Forum

In March 2016, the “Forests for the Air” Forum was held to inform Group employees about Daikin’s forest rejuvenation efforts.

The goal of the forum was to foster human resources who can think and act for the sake of the Earth’s future. By presenting Daikin’s efforts in sustainable forest protection, the forum was able to convey the Group’s stance of alleviating global warming and the success and significance of the “Forests for the Air” project, thus promoting Daikin employees to do their part in protecting the environment.


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