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Environmental Management

Environmental Communication

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Daikin Environmental Report

Reports Published in Japan and Other World Regions

Since 1998, Daikin Industries, Ltd. has published an environmental report (now called the Sustainability Report) to inform all stakeholders of the Daikin Group's environmental philosophy and eco-actions. We supplement these reports with more detailed information on our website.

Our overseas Group companies also publish environmental reports once a year. There are versions for Asia and Oceania, Europe, and China. In addition, Daikin in China also publishes its own CSR Report.


Environmental Ads

Environmental Protection Information through Ads on Trains and in Newspapers

Daikin Industries, Ltd. has ads on public transport and in newspapers dealing not just with products but also reporting on world topics like environmental protection and air conditioning trends.

Daikin Energy Saving Solution Ads above Train Doors

Ads in fiscal 2016 continued to be on the theme of reducing environmental impact. The ads introduced Daikin’s efforts to spread the use of the low-global-warming-potential refrigerant HFC-32.

Daikin Energy Saving Solution Ads above Train Doors


Environmental Awareness Activities

Daikin Website Offers Enjoyable Way to Raise Environmental Awareness

The Daikin Industries, Ltd. website shows visitors how to use air conditioning in an economical, environmental conscious way, and teaches about the environmental issues Daikin faces. The site offers an enjoyable way for people of all ages to learn about the relation between air conditioners and the environment. Daikin plans to continue providing information on topics such as air and environmental problems and how to save electricity.


Environmental Communication with Communities

Every year, the Shiga Plant gives factory tours to third grade students at local elementary schools. In 2016, in addition to factory tours as part of the schools’ social studies classes, the Shiga Plant began leading walks in the Daikin Shiga Forest to provide learning related to the students’ science class units on interacting with nature.

By observing the trees and wildlife, the children learned how people are connected to the forest and about the changing seasons. The tour provided them with other hands-on nature experiences, such as collected acorns to use in making art projects at school.


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