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Our thoughts about global environment

Daikin provides comfortable interior environments to customers who use our air conditioners.
However, these air conditioners can also have negative impacts on the global environment when manufactured and used, as well as after taken out of service.

When considering the true creation of "comfortable environments" for customers, we believe that it is important that we not only reduce the impacts of our air conditioners on the environment, but also think about what Daikin can do for the global environment in which our customers live.

Based on this belief, Daikin is also participating in reforestation efforts.

The Conservation International (CI) Reforestation Project designs and implements agroforestry systems, and supports communities to develop sustainable alternative livelihood.

This project provides comprehensive support that includes the development of livelihoods to replace illegal logging and providing environmental education to disseminate the negative impacts of clear-cutting and other activities. Daikin believes that this is a very important and effective method for the sustainable regeneration and protection of forests.

Daikin, our customers, CI and the local communities have their respective roles to play in advancing this project. Daikin wants to work together with all for the restoration and protection of these naturally-abundant forest ecosystems.

What is Conservation International (CI)?

Conservation International (CI), based in the state of Virginia (USA), serves a leading role in the preservation of biodiversity on a global scale and the protection of the global environment. Charity Navigator, a United States organization that evaluates NGOs, has given CI its highest rating of four stars.

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