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Fiscal 2014 Key Activities

Environment: Disseminating Refrigerants with Low Global Warming Impact. Technical Support to Help Disseminate Refrigerants with Low Global Warming Impact in Emerging Countries. Pressing Need to Phase Out HCFC Refrigerants in Emerging Countries


Environment: Spread of Net Zero Energy Buildings. Net Zero Energy Buildings Help Realize a Low-Carbon Society. Increasing Worldwide Prevalence of Net Zero Energy Buildings (ZEBs)


Quality and Customer Satisfaction: Boosting Service Quality. Expansion of Japan’s Quality Service Response Capabilities to China. Building a Much-Needed Service System in China in Response to Expanding Market


Human Resources: Diversity Promotion. Hiring and Training Human Resources Capable of Succeeding Anywhere in the World. Outstanding International Employees Help Daikin Globalize Management


Social Contribution: Contributing to Environmental Protection. “Forests for the Air” Gets Employees Involved in Mitigating Climate Change. About 10% of Greenhouse Gases Result from Deforestation


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