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Shiga Plant of Daikin Industries, Ltd.

Shiga Plant Certified as Super Green Heart Factory

In all of us, a green heart

In November 2011, the Shiga Plant was certified as a Super Green Heart Factory. This was the result of all employees making that all important extra effort and working together to systematically reduce environmental impact while strengthening relations with society.

Super Green Heart Factory:
The system was introduced in fiscal 2006 to certify factories with outstanding environmental performance as Green Heart Factories. Plants that score at least 95 points out of 100 on seven criteria including reduction of environmental impact and relations with the local community are designated as Super Green Heart Factories.

Address 1000-2, Okamoto-cho, Kusatsu-shi, Shiga 525-8526, Japan
Site area Approx. 276,000m2
Completed November 1970
Employees 1,304 (As of March, 2017)
Main products Residential air conditioners (room air conditioners, other)
ISO 14001 certified December 1992
Latest ISO 14001 update March 24, 2016
Bird's-eye view of Shiga Plant Bird's-eye view of Shiga Plant

Products developed and manufactured at Shiga Plant

The factory develops and manufactures mainly air conditioning-related products for residential use.

New Urasara 7 room air conditioner

New Urasara 7 room air conditioner

Air purifier

Air purifier

High-efficiency water heater using heat-pump technology


High-efficiency water heater using heat-pump technology

DESICA HOME AIR, which controls humidity and ventilation throughout the entire house

DESICA HOME AIR, which controls humidity and ventilation throughout the entire house


Energy Saving

Certification for Energy Management System (ISO 50001)
(Shiga Plant EnMS Project)

ISO 50001

In March 2014 the Shiga Plant obtained certification for the ISO 50001 international standard for energy management systems.

ISO 50001 confirms that a company is carrying out the PDCA cycle towards continuous improvement of energy management. In fiscal 2013, the Shiga Plant launched its energy management system (EnMS) project in order to take part in the model project for strengthening business competitiveness*, an initiative of Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). Besides aiming for ISO 50001 certification, through the EnMS project the Shiga Plant ensures that matters such as energy savings and compliance with the Law Concerning the Rational Use of Energy are built into the site’s systems so that its EnMS satisfies the specific needs of the site.

The Shiga Plant will make maximum use of this EnMS so that it can become a model plant for affiliates in Japan and other countries and thus contribute to the acceleration of energy-efficiency activities.

* Model project for strengthening business competitiveness (Full name: Model project for strengthening business competitiveness through the planning and implementation of new management systems for business continuity, etc.): METI provides subsidies to companies that are striving to achieve certification for new ISO standards (related to, for example, energy and BCP) so that they can boost their business. There are 28 groups across Japan that have been adopted into this project, and Daikin has been chosen for one of these.

Improving Line Productivity

Improving Line Productivity With a goal of reducing CO2 emissions per sales by 30% over fiscal 2000, we are striving to raise productivity and reduce energy consumption during room air conditioner production.

Developing Innovative Equipment

Developing Innovative EquipmentOn the production lines, employees built a transport and separation device for parts that uses the force of gravity and thus requires no electricity.

Coating Effectively Reflects Sun

Coating Effectively Reflects SunThe Shiga Plant put Daikin's ZEFFLE infrared reflective coating on the roof, resulting in lower temperatures inside the building and less of an air conditioning burden.

Installing LED Lighting

Installing LED LightingConventional lighting in the offices and the plant is being replaced with highly energy efficient LED lighting in order to reduce electricity consumption.

Energy Saving Patrol

Energy Saving PatrolThe factory workers take turns doing regular patrols of their work place in order to find even the slightest waste of energy.

Energy management using D-BIPS

Energy management using D-BIPSWe constantly monitor energy usage and control electricity consumption in efforts to save energy in all company divisions.


Waste Reduction

Achieved Zero Waste Emissions

In August 2001, the Shiga Plant achieved zero emissions (recycling ratio of at least 99.5%).

Thorough Separation and Recycling of Waste

Thorough Separation and Recycling of WasteAll unnecessary items are separated for recycling. And each workplace weighs the items and thinks of ways to prevent these waste items from being generated in the first place.

Reusing Protective Gear

Reusing Protective GearInstead of discarding items used by line workers, such as wiping cloths and protective gloves, when possible the Shiga Plant cleans these to be used again.

Waste Material Press

Waste Material PressItems such as cushioning material for packaging and plastic bags are placed in a press to remove the air and compact them so that they can be shipped more efficiently to the recycling plant. This also contributes to the stable recycling of materials.

Reusing Wooden Palettes

Reusing Wooden Palettes Logistics companies help us in reusing the wooden palettes used during international procurement. Palettes that cannot be reused are carbonized into charcoal that is used to deodorize the inside of the factory buildings.


Preventing Air and Water Pollution

Exhaust Gas Treatment Equipment

Exhaust Gas Treatment EquipmentTreatment equipment was installed to purify the exhaust gas from the coating drying furnace. Its filter, which absorbs harmful substances, is activated charcoal made by carbonizing the wood from palettes remaining from logistics.

Water Treatment Facilities

Water Treatment Facilities All wastewater in the plant is channeled to a single location for purification. Daikin has stipulated an in-house standard value for plant wastewater that is stricter than legal limits. The plant works daily to ensure measurements for items such as COD and pH do not exceed in-house standard values.

Pond Functions as Dyke

Pond Functions as DykeA pond that provides a relaxing place for employees to take breaks also acts as a reservoir for all rainwater flowing from the Shiga Plant. If there is an oil spill in the plant, a measuring device at the pond gate sounds an alarm to warn employees in charge. To keep polluted water from flowing into public waterways, there is an emergency gate that can be closed at the pond's outlet. The plant thus has secondary and tertiary prevention measures.


Preparing for Emergencies

Stockpiling Emergency Materials and Equipment

Stockpiling Emergency Materials and EquipmentIn case of emergencies such as earthquakes, fires, or oil spills, the Shiga Plant has emergency materials and equipment stored and ready for use.

Water Quality Monitoring Equipment

Water Quality Monitoring Equipment The quality of water in wastewater drains is constantly monitored using special equipment. Any irregularity detected sets off an alarm, and the staff in charge will rush to the scene to fix the problem.

Emergency Water Blockage Gate

Emergency Water Blockage GateAn emergency gate at the pond's outlet is closed in case of a problem with plant wastewater. This prevents the wastewater from flowing into public waterways and thus keeps damage to a minimum.

Oil Fence Operation Drills

Oil Fence Operation DrillsTo be prepared in case oil gets into the plant's wastewater drains, drills are held in setting up an oil absorption mat in the pond.

Emergency Drills for the Kitchen

Emergency Drills for the KitchenOnce a year, the Shiga Plant and the kitchen outsource staff hold drills to be ready for any emergency that occurs during meal preparation.

Emergency Drills for Oil Leaks

Emergency Drills for Oil LeaksOnce a year, the plant prepares for leaks of oil or other substances on the road with drills in which soil and oil absorption mats are used to prevent these substances from getting into the street gutters.

Joint Emergency Drills

Joint Emergency DrillsOnce a year, the Shiga Plant joins regional environmental protection associations and government organs in drills that prepare for possible environmental emergencies.

Joint Fire Drills

Joint Fire DrillsThe plant joins in annual fire drills held by the Shiga Prefectural government in which participants practice measures to take in unison with neighboring companies and government organs in case of disasters such as earthquake or fire.

Emergency Drills for Runoff into Rivers

Emergency Drills for Runoff into Rivers Once a year, drills are held with local government organs to prepare to deal with runoff of oil and other substances into rivers.


Exchange with Local Communities

Agreement Signed with Kusatsu City

Agreement Signed with Kusatsu City   Sakura Eco Project

In May 2010, the Shiga Plant signed an agreement with Kusatsu City in which the parties pledge to curb global warming.

Under the agreement, the two sides are cooperating on Kusatsu City’s environmental protection activities and on the Shiga Plant’s Sakura Eco Project, under which a range of efforts in environmental contribution and local ecosystem protection are being conducted.

In March 2011, the Shiga Plant was recognized for its efforts under the Sakura Eco Project with an award from Kusatsu City for global warming prevention activities.

Factory Tours

Factory ToursEvery year, employees' family members are invited to tour the Shiga Plant.

Summer Festival

Summer FestivalEvery August, the Shiga Plant joins with the community as about 8,000 local residents and members of local government and other organizations come to a Noryosai Bon dance festival organized and run by employees.

Creating Local Ecosystems

Creating Local Ecosystems The Shiga Plant has created the Daikin Shiga Forest on its premises and is striving to strengthen ties with the surrounding communities in creating better ecosystems for wildlife.

Participation in Local Events

Participation in Local EventsThe Shiga Plant helps raise environmental awareness among the local community by introducing its environmental protection efforts at a range of events.
(Photo) Shiga Plant employees teach children at a Kusatsu City global warming awareness event.

Cleanups of Local Streets

Cleanups of Local StreetsSince 1993, employees have taken turns conducting cleanups of local streets three times a year. The Shiga Plant also takes part in a cleanup around Lake Biwa every July 1 sponsored by the prefectural government.

Environmental Seminars

Environmental SeminarsAlong with the environmental association of the cities of Konan and Koga, the Shiga Plant holds environmental seminars on its premises. Participants share successful case studies on dealing with environmental problems, recent developments in government laws and regulations, and environmental protection efforts.


Outside Honors

Award of Excellence in Ministry of the Environment's 3rd Environmental Employee Awareness Award

In May 2017, Daikin Industries, Ltd.’s Shiga Plant was recognized as a company that excels in fostering environmentally aware employees as it received an Award of Excellence in the Ministry of the Environment's 2016 Environmental Employee Awareness Award.


Daikin Shiga Forest Wins Biotope Award

In June 2016, the Daikin Shiga Forest inside the Shiga Plant received the Special CSR Award (Protection of Local Wildlife) In the 8th Biotope Awards sponsored by the Japan Biotope Association.

The Japan Biotope Association lauded Daikin for the project’s clear concept, protection of fireflies on company premises, implementation of a strategy to protect wildlife and promote biodiversity, improved employee awareness, and a contribution to building a connection with local residents.

Shiga Plant received the Special CSR Award   Daikin Shiga Forest

Urusara 7 Wins Award of Excellence in Shiga Prefecture 1st Kaueco Grand Prix

In February 2015, the Urusara 7 won the Award of Excellence in the 1st Kaueco Grand Prix, sponsored by the Shiga Green Purchasing Network. These awards are aimed at disseminating environmentally friendly products and services in Shiga Prefecture.


Shiga Prefecture Low-Carbon Society Creation Awards

In March 2013, the Daikin Shiga Plant was honored in the 2013 Shiga Prefecture Low-Carbon Society Creation Awards as a company contributing to the realization of a low-carbon society in Shiga Prefecture.



Environmental Performance Data

Total Energy-Induced CO2 Emissions, CO2 Emissions per Unit of Production

Total Energy-Induced CO2 Emissions, CO2 Emissions per Unit of Production

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Other than CO2

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Other than CO2

Water Intake/per Unit of Production

Water Intake/per Unit of Production

Emissions/per Unit of Production

Emissions/per Unit of Production

Chemical Emissions/per Unit of Production
(total of PRTR substances and VOCs)

Chemical Emissions/per Unit of Production (total of PRTR substances and VOCs)

Release and Transfer of Chemical Substances (PRTR)

Unit: kg

Substance name Amount emitted Amount transported
Air Public waterways Soil Waste Sewage
Styrene 874.8 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
Total 874.8 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0

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