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Daikin’s Sustainability

Problems such as climate change and changing demographics are presenting our advancing global society with many challenges. The Daikin Group aims to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through business activities that provide society with new value.


What kind of company is Daikin?

We are a global company that operates on the three business pillars of air conditioning, chemicals, and filters.

Basic Management Policy

Corporate Policies

1. Absolute Credibility
2. Enterprising Management
3. Harmonious Personal Relations

Our Group Philosophy, People-Centered Management

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Management Plan

Fusion 20 Strategic Management Plan

Co-create New Value in the Air and Environment Fields with Wisdom and Passion

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Daikin’s business

Daikin’s business

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What kind of value does Daikin provide to society?

Through our business activities, we provide healthy and comfortable daily lives while at the same time contributing to energy efficiency and the reduction of greenhouse gases.

Preventing air pollution and protecting health

Comfortable air that contributes to higher productivity and improved health

Energy savings through the use of highly efficient energy

Reduced greenhouse gas emissions through the development of refrigerants with low global warming potential



What does Daikin think about today’s social problems?

Based on issues that arise with our changing global society, we respond to the increasing number of new needs and to people’s changing awareness.

  • Economic

  • Changing

  • Growing
    for food

  • Increasing severity of climate change

  • Increasing severity of atmospheric pollution

  • Uneven distribution of food

  • Urbanization, industrialization

  • Expansion and concentration of energy and electricity demand

Increasing number of new needs, people’s changing awareness

  • Expanding energy needs to meet growing air conditioner demand

  • Increasing need to curb energy usage

  • Increasing need to reduce greenhouse gases and use more renewable energy toward a decarbonized economy

  • Increasing need to use more renewable energy toward a decarbonized economy

  • Increasing need to create an efficient cold chain system



What is Daikin doing about these problems?

We are creating new value that contributes to solutions and we are helping realize the sustainable development of society through our business.

Daikin’s CSR

CSR for Value Provision
Create new value that helps solve society’s problems
  • Environment
  • New value creation
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Human resources
Fundamental CSR
Grow sustainably in response to society’s requests
  • Corporate governance
  • Respect for human rights
  • Supply chain management
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Communities

Social value created by Daikin

Value Creation for the Earth

We respond to the growing air conditioner demand related to issues such as climate change and economic advancement. At the same time, by using electricity efficiently and spreading the use of refrigerants with low global warming potential, we help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prevent the acceleration of global warming.

Sustainable development goals (SDGs) targeted
Value Creation for Cities

We create spaces that respond to the various needs of both industrialized and developing countries. In addition, through city-wide air conditioning management methods such as zero-energy buildings, which achieve a net energy balance of zero, we are helping create comfortable and energy-efficient urban settings.

Sustainable development goals (SDGs) targeted
Value Creation for Health and Comfort

We are striving to reduce the amounts of hazardous chemicals in the atmosphere in order to contribute to both better living environments and economic development. In addition, by helping establish an efficient cold chain, we contribute to the provision of food and pharmaceuticals.

Sustainable development goals (SDGs) targeted

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