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FAQ - Investor Relations

Q1Where can I obtain documents related to Daikin's financial results?
Visit our Financial Results page for PDF files of financial summaries and results briefings.
Q2Where can I find information on trends in Daikin's business results?
Click here for Business/Financial Data.
Q3What is your management strategy?
Our company has a strategic plan called "Fusion 20." Click here to view this plan.
Q4What do these indices mean: ROE, ROA and FCF?
Daikin has made efforts to maximize corporate value by focusing on several management indices.
We believe that maximizing corporate value is our most important management issue. As part of our active business expansion and improvement of our management system, we have adopted a quasi-company system as well as the following management indices: FCF (free cash flow), DVA (Daikin value added), ROA (return on assets), and ROE (return on equity).
We regard free cash flow as the most important index, as it closely reflects all other indices. We have taken steps to increase cash flow through sweeping reductions in receivables and inventory.
For recent trends, please see the charts in "Financial Data for the Past 5 Years" under "Financial Information."
Q5Where can I obtain Daikin's Annual Report?
Click here to download PDF versions of our Annual Report.
Q6When is your fiscal year-end?
Our fiscal year ends on March 31.
Q7What is your securities identification code?
Our securities identification code is 6367.
Q8On which stock exchanges are your company's shares listed?
Our shares are listed on stock and securities exchanges in Tokyo.
Q9What is the number of outstanding shares of Daikin stock?
The total number of shares outstanding was 293,113 thousand.
Q10What is the status of your dividend distribution?
Upon the approval of the ordinary annual general meeting of shareholders, this dividend will be distributed to shareholders of record as of March 31. As determined by a resolution of the Board of Directors, the interim dividend was distributed to shareholders of record or registered pledgees as of September 30.
Q11What is your dividend policy?
Together with making every effort to maintain a ratio of dividends to shareholder equity (DOE) of 3.0% based on the principle of always providing stable dividends to shareholders, we will continue striving in our mission to provide shareholders with even greater return by aiming for an increasingly higher level of dividend payout ratio.
Q12Where can I obtain information related to the trade of Daikin stock?
Please contact our transfer agent, Mitsubishi UFJ Trust Banking Corporation at 3-6-3, Fushimi-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka, 541-8502
Q13When is your Annual General Meeting of Shareholders?
We hold our AGM in June each year.
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