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Review of FUSION 15

Overview of Fusion 15

Despite a severe business environment, Daikin increased profits by sale expansion from the strengthening of sales and marketing capabilities and the implementation of total cost reductions throughout the company. In addition to promoting the use of inverter air conditioners, we contributed to the resolution of social issues through our business operations such as the world's first application of HFC32 (R32), a refrigerant with low global warming potential.

Fusion 15 Achievement

  • Fully entered emerging markets and the volume zone
    • Established sales companies in Indonesia and Saudi Arabia, etc.
  • Solution / environmental innovations
  • Accelerated growth through alliances, partnerships, and M&A
    • Acquired Goodman, major U.S. residential unitary company (2012)
    • Acquired refrigerant business from leading chemical manufacturer Solvay (2015)
  • Completed the "Technology and Innovation Center" (2015)

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