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Dividend Policy

Together with making every effort to maintain a ratio of dividends to shareholder equity (DOE) of 3.0% based on the principle of always providing stable dividends to shareholders, we will continue striving in our mission to provide shareholders with even greater return by aiming for an increasingly higher level of dividend payout ratio.

Recent Dividend Payouts

Interim Dividend 4 Dec 2018 ¥70 per share
Year-end Dividend Undecided ¥70 per share

Trends in Annual Dividend Payout

Fiscal year Dividends
March 2018 ¥140
March 2017 ¥130
March 2016 ¥120
March 2015 ¥100 Commemorative dividend for 90th anniversary of the founding of DAIKIN: ¥10
March 2014 ¥50
March 2013 ¥36
March 2012 ¥36
March 2011 ¥36
March 2010 ¥32
March 2009 ¥38

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