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Redesign of Daikin's Global Site (

Enhances brand information and improves global communication about products and services

31 March 2014

Daikin Industries, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Daikin Industries") announces the launch on March 31, 2014, of a comprehensive redesign of its global website (URL for the purpose of both raising brand value of Daikin and strengthening information provided overseas.

Together with establishing "brand content" that expresses the company's growth strategy and product appeal in easy-to-understand figures, keywords, and the latest web technology so global customers can better know the company, Daikin Industries has broaden the depth of information in the new design to fully convey its wide-range of products and after sales services that meet the needs of any air conditioning situation.

Moreover, recognizing the diversification in recent years of the needs of Daikin's homepage visitors and the increase in people using PC tablets, Daikin has revamped the structure and design of the website to provide easy access to essential information and make the website easier to use.

In implementing the new design at this time, the company aims to increase value for the Daikin brand globally by strengthening its ability to communicate brand information via this website, which will also serve as the focal point of Daikin Group company websites.

Along with continually updating and improving content such as the core technology cultivated by Daikin and the history leading up to the 90th anniversary of Daikin's founding this year, this website will promote the use of Group company websites while continuing to provide timely information about Daikin.

Daikin's new global website (URL: )

Points for the redesign of global website (

1.Establishment of brand content

(1)Air Conditioning is on the rise

Business areas expecting continued growth in the future for the air conditioning business, Daikin's main business, are introduced.

(2)Daikin at a glance

Understanding of Daikin at a glance is provided by using figures, such as the number of countries where Daikin products are sold and the number of global manufacturing bases, and keywords, such as "inverter" and "heat pump."

(3)DAIKIN for All Your Needs

While improving the user experience in a fun, visually-assessable format using the latest web technology, this section presents the comprehensive capability of Daikin air conditioning, including the ability to meet the needs of various types of buildings and spaces as well as adjustable temperature control from -30ºC to 80ºC.

(4)Our Growth and Strategy

Having become the global No.1 company in the air conditioning business, Daikin introduces its expectations for future growth through a clear-cut strategy and robust ability to implement, together with the progress of its mid-term strategic plan (FUSION).

(1)Air Conditioning is on the rise

(2)Daikin at a glance

(3)DAIKIN for All Your Needs

(4)Our Growth and Strategy

2.Broadening of Product and After Sales Service Information

Here Daikin showcases its extensive lineup of products that correspond to any air conditioning situation and meet the diverse needs of customers. Moreover, in addition to enhancing detailed information concerning Daikin's meticulous after sales service and simple maintenance that customers can perform themselves, Daikin has also strengthened the navigation function guiding visitors to the local websites of each country.

Air Conditioning Top Page

3.Worldwide Case Studies

Here Daikin introduces the actual installations around the world where Daikin air conditioning products have received high praise and trust. The website will be adding even more examples in the future from around the world.

4.Revamping Design and Website Structure

The website structure is centered on user-friendliness and features an attractive design that is easy-to-see, even for PC tablets, and a navigation menu that always provides quick access on any page to the precise information being sought.

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