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CORPORATE NEWS [latest news list] March 26, 2002
Daikin wins the 2002 EPA stratospheric ozone protection award

Daikin Industries, Ltd. (Head office: Osaka, Japan. President: Noriyuki Inoue) wins the 2002 U.S. environmental protection agency (EPA) Stratospheric Ozone Protection Award in March 26 2002.
The U.S. EPA enacted the "Stratospheric Ozone Protection Award" in 1990 aiming at praising innovative actions and excellent leadership towards protection of the ozone layer. In a decade, 420 individuals and companies from 29 countries were commended.
As the only manufacturer in the world, which develops and produces both air-conditioners and fluorocarbon refrigerants, Daikin Industries, Ltd. has been playing a leading role in each stage of its lifecycle regarding to the protection of the ozone layer.
Daikin Industries, Ltd. was awarded this time by EPA, since our positive efforts for protecting the ozone layer is estimated and highly valued.
(The U.S. environmental protection agency homepage:

The main efforts (measures) for protection of the ozone layer

  • The first manufacturer of mass-produced HFC refrigerants
    We are the first manufacturer in Japan, which developed and mass-produced the HFC refrigerants that have zero ozone layer destruction coefficients.

    (History of mass-production)

  • May 1990 HCFC142b
    November 1991 HFC134a
    February 1993 HCFC141b
    March 1997 HFC32 (world's first production)
    March 2001 HFC125

  • Promotion of switching to HFC refrigerants
    The optimal refrigerant for air-conditioner use is HFC at present and the industry makes every effort to switch to HFC refrigerants.
    We have advanced one year to the industrial action plan switching to HFC refrigerants and are planning to complete the replacement of refrigerants within 2002.

    • (History of switching to HFC refrigerants)
      May 1997 air- conditioners for residential-use in Europe
      January 1998 multiple air-conditioners for buildings
      April 2000 air-conditioners for commercial use/marine vessel air conditioners and refrigerating units
      November 2000 ice storage type V R V (Valuable Refrigerants Volume) system/air-conditioners for retail locations and offices
      January 2001 inverter type air cooled water chillers
      May 2001 ducted type packaged air-conditioners

    • Development of air-conditioners using natural refrigerants
      The industry considers HFC as the optimal refrigerants for air-conditioners because of its efficiency and economical reasons. However we make efforts to use natural refrigerants whenever it is possible.
      * Absorption chiller with ammonia, water chiller with ammonia and water heating system with CO2 for residential use.

    • Support for making system to collect, reproduce, and destroy the refrigerants
      Since 1999,we have set up the destruction equipment of CFC, HCFC in our plants and started to collect and destroy the refrigerants when the air-conditioners were broken or abandoned. We are making great efforts to build up the social system to collect, reproduce, and destroy the refrigerants.

    • Mr.Satoshi Mizuno's (Senior Managing Director in charge of environmental preservation) statement about winning the award.

      We are very honored to receive the Stratospheric Ozone Protection Award, as we are the only manufacturer related to both air-conditioning and fluorochemical businesses that has much to do with environment.
      We Daikin strongly take the 21st century as the century to be responsible for the environment. One of our main targets of running the businesses is to deal with environmental issues.
      Recognizing the importance of the award, we are eager to make every effort to develop and broaden environmental preservation activities.

      For more information, please contact
         Daikin Industries, Ltd.
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