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CORPORATE NEWS [latest news list] April 3, 2006
Daikin Industries 2006 New Employee Entrance Ceremony
Address by Chairman and CEO Noriyuki Inoue
"Challenge to Achieve Great Gains Through People and Organizational Strength"

Ceremony&Open Discussion with Board Members

Daikin Industries, Ltd. (Head Office: Osaka City; Representative: Chairman & CEO Noriyuki Inoue) held its 2006 new employee entrance ceremony at Crystal Hall, Umeda Center Building (2-4-12 Nakazaki Nishi, Kita-ku, Osaka) on April 3rd, 2006. Chairman Inoue gave an address, a summary of which is below.

Address by Chairman Inoue (Summary)
Daikin has achieved growth through "people-centered management" and "Fast & Flat Management" that utilizes people. These policies embody our fundamental beliefs that people possess infinite possibilities and that "the cumulative growth of all members serves as the foundation for company development. " People who demonstrate strong conviction will be granted opportunities accordingly. I hope you to possess the drive to develop your abilities and seize the opportunities that come your way.

In the World Baseball Classic that entranced the Japanese public, our top class players offered an excellent example of displaying the utmost level of teamwork while also utilizing individual talents. Our company is the same. I would like all of you to develop specialties and your level of expertise, strive to become true professionals in your chosen fields, gain an understanding of Our Group Philosophy as well as company policies and take your responsibilities seriously.

Beginning today, you as new employees are now members of the Group, and I ask the following 7 things of you.

1. I want you to have dreams and goals and to become deeply engaged. You are only young once, so please experience everything you can and follow through with the work before you.
2. I want you to be able to make proposals and clearly communicate your thoughts.
3. I want you to proactively take on challenges without fear of failure. Daikin is a company in which employees need not be scared of making forward-looking mistakes.
4. While possessing a spirit of challenge I also want you to remain modest. I hope you to learn from other people and integrate what you learn with your own beliefs.
5. I want you to enhance your level of specialization, set goals in the course of your daily work and take the initiative to engage in friendly competition.
6. I want you to learn how to hold a dialog. From your fresh perspectives, try to communicate your thoughts in your own words. Please strive to have a unique point of view and be able to play devil's advocate when necessary.
7. I want you to have the ability to execute. Strategy without execution is the same as no strategy at all. The degree to which strategy is translated into performance is crucial.

Let us work together to make great gains for the Daikin Group and realize our dreams.
(Ref: New employees)
   2006 New employees: Total of 413 persons (including 90 women)
  · Regular hires:  288 (87 women)
  · Mid-career hires:  125 (3 women)
   2005 New employees: Total of 266 persons (including 84 women
  · Regular hires: 209 (82 women)
  · Mid-career hires: 57 (2 women)

  For more information, please contact
     Daikin Industries, Ltd.
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