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CORPORATE NEWS [latest news list] July 18, 2006
Daikin Air Conditioning Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Certified as a Vocational Training Center for the Handicapped in Shanghai
-the first certification to a foreign manufacture-

Certified as a vocational training center for the handicapped in Shanghai by the municipal general management body for the handicapped "the Shanghai Federation for the Handicapped," Daikin Air Conditioning Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shanghai, Representative: Hiroshi Danno), an overseas subsidiary of Daikin Industries, Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka, President: Yukiyoshi Okano), held the certification awarding ceremony and the signboard giving ceremony at the company today.
Daikin Air Conditioning Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. became the third foreign company which was awarded this certification, following McDonald's and a French hotel, and the first among foreign manufacturers.
Carrying the signboard of a "Vocational Training Center for the Handicapped in Shanghai," the company has become a "skill training center for the handicapped" as officially recognized by the Shanghai municipal government. The company will provide disabled persons with opportunities of half-a-year practical training, through which we hope we will be able to make our social contribution by giving them valuable chances to acquire the knowledge about the society and companies, by encouraging them to work and by fostering their ability to become independent. We will promote the recruitment of the trainees and hence the handicapped.
In an effort to become rooted in China, Daikin Industries, Ltd. started its full-fledged social contribution activity in April, 2005 as part of our project commemorating the 10th anniversary of our business in China. As one of our efforts, we set up a manufacturing line operated mainly by the handicapped in a plant of Daikin Air Conditioning Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in February this year. Forty-six handicapped persons are now at work as our employees and they lead the productivity enhancement efforts in their operation on a daily basis. Following the certification granted this time, we will accept about 15 trainees for six months.
We think the reason we could develop these efforts in a short period of time and get the certification lies in our experience at Daikin Sunrise Settsu Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Settsu, Osaka, Representative: Yoshio Ohtake), a "Large-size Workplace for Severely Disabled Persons" that Daikin Industries co-founded with the Osaka prefectural and Settsu municipal governments in 1993.
Based on the concept of "people-oriented management" that is emphasized in our group philosophy, we at Daikin believe that the development of human resources is promoted through our continual challenges in an environment where we recognize various people's individuality. Daikin Sunrise Settsu makes it a basic policy for the employees to obtain economic self-reliance through their own efforts as well as mutual collaboration and to make social contributions through their productive activities. We regard disabilities as a type of individuality and by asking for their self-responsibility, we try to establish an environment where they can work with vigor.
We will make use of our experience at Daikin Sunrise Settsu and spread the know-how not only to China but also to other Daikin global basis, to become a company open to local communities.

[Profile of Daikin Air Conditioning Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.]
1.Name: Daikin Air Conditioning Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
2.Location: Shanghai, China
3.Capital: ¥ 2.2 billion
4.Investment Ratio: 100% by Daikin Industries, Ltd.
5.Foundation: July, 2003
6.Representative: Chairman Hiroshi Danno
7.Business: Manufacturing of residential and commercial air conditioning system and other products.
8.Workforce: Approx. 500 (as of the end of March, 2006)
9.Work for the Handicapped: Packing material assembly. To be expanded into the assembly of pipes, electric components, fans, etc.

[Profile of Daikin Sunrise Settsu Co., Ltd.]
1.Name: Daikin Sunrise Settsu Co., Ltd.
2.Location: Settsu, Osaka
3.Capital: ¥ 200 million
4.Investment Ratio: 44% by Osaka Prefecture, 5% by Settsu City, 51% by Daikin Industries, Ltd.
5.Foundation: May, 1993
6.Representative: President Yoshio Ohtake
7.Business: Manufacturing of parts of oil hydraulic and air conditioning systems, etc.
8.Workforce: 56 (including 51 handicapped persons, as of the end of June, 2006)
Physically handicapped: 23, Hearing-impaired: 15, Intellectually disabled: 11, Visually impaired: 1, Mentally retarded: 1 (including 43 severely disabled persons)

Daikin Air Conditioning Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.,
Chairman Danno (left), chairman of Daikin Air Conditioning Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., receiving certificate from the Vocational Training Center for the Handicapped in Shanghai
(July, 2006)    

Daikin Air Conditioning (Shanghai)
An employee working at Daikin Air Conditioning (Shanghai) (December, 2005)

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