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CORPORATE NEWS [latest news list] April 2, 2007
Daikin Industries, Ltd. 2007 New Employee Entrance Ceremony Address by Chairman and CEO Noriyuki Inoue "From Now, Take on Challenges Without Fear of Failure"

Free Discussion with Directors/New Employee Entrance Ceremony

Daikin Industries, Ltd. (Head Office: Osaka City, Chairman and CEO: Noriyuki Inoue) held its entrance ceremony for new employees on April 2, 2007, at Crystal Hall in the Umeda Center Building (2-4-12 Nakazaki Nishi, Kita-ku, Osaka City). Chairman Inoue gave an address, a summary of which follows below.

Address by Chairman Inoue (Summary)
I wish to congratulate everyone on officially joining the company today. Welcome to Daikin. You have joined the Daikin Group in the year it is poised to make great gains and enter a heretofore-unknown stage of development. I expect great things from all of you as members of the Daikin Group.

At Daikin, we have developed "people-oriented management" in the belief that the only source of a company's competitiveness is its people. Daikin has achieved its growth to date through the teamwork of its employees, based on a shared philosophy and mutual trust.
The most important responsibility of management is to create an environment that engenders a sense of belonging in employees, who share the same dreams, and enables them to display their maximum capabilities, an environment in which employees are given bigger opportunities, feel motivated and take on increasingly challenging assignments.
While Daikin is competing at a high level against some of the world's excellent companies, it is also a company with many problems and shortcomings. Merely thinking along the same conventional lines cannot solve these issues. We must instead "creatively destroy" the past. I want all employees to join together to resolve the issues before us.

    There are 6 points in particular that I would like to ask of our new employees.

(1) Take on challenges without fear of failure. Continue to take on challenges from now. You will not be blamed for any failures that result. Take on challenge after challenge.
(2) I want you to make recommendations. Diverse and heterogeneous human resources bring vitality to a company. I want you to fully demonstrate your individuality and communicate your own thoughts in your own words.
(3) Do not forget modesty.Each person's perspective is inevitably narrow. By continuing to make recommendations and take on challenges while remaining modest, you will be able to learn much from the people around you.
(4) Specialize in something. Whether it is related to work or a personal pursuit, find something that you excel at and further deepen your ability.
(5) Take action. Strategy without action is the same as having no strategy at all. Instead of avoiding difficulties, I want you to face them head on with drive and courage.
(6) I want you to consistently maintain ethical standards. Daikin is on track to achieve 13 consecutive terms of increased profit, but a rubber band stretched to its limit is the most dangerous kind. I want you to proactively meet the company's demands in terms of compliance, the environment and corporate ethics.
Let us work together to achieve great gains for the Daikin Group and realize our dreams.

(Reference: New employee summary)
FY2007 New employees:Total of 519 persons (including 150 women)
    • Regular hires: 361 persons (141 women)
    • Mid-career hires: 158 persons (9 women)
FY2006 New employees:Total of 413 persons (90 women)
    • Regular hires: 288 persons (87 women)
    • Mid-career hires: 125 persons (3 women)

  For more information, please contact
     Daikin Industries, Ltd.
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